How listening to music ‘significantly impairs’ creativity

Summary: The popular view that music enhances creativity has been challenged by researchers who say it has the opposite effect. Psychologists investigated the impact of background music on performance by presenting people with verbal insight problems that are believed to tap creativity. They found that background music ‘significantly impaired’ people’s ability to complete tasks testing verbal creativity — but there was no effect for background library noise.

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Fibonacci, el matemático que se puso a contar conejos y descubrió la secuencia divina


Durante los siglos en que China, India y el imperio islámico habían estado en ascenso, Europa había caído bajo una sombra.

Toda la vida intelectual, incluido el estudio de las matemáticas, se había estancado.

Pero en el siglo XIII, las cosas estaban empezando a cambiar.

Liderada por Italia, Europa empezó a explorar y comerciar con el oriente.

Con ese contacto llegó la difusión del conocimiento oriental hacia occidente.

Y sería el hijo de un funcionario de aduanas quien se convertiría en el primer gran matemático medieval de Europa.

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Want to Learn Something New? Here Are 10 Awesome Online Courses You Can Take Right Now For Under $70


If you’re anything like us, you have a huge list of skills that you want to master in your lifetime.

The problem is, it takes time and often a lot of money in order to not just learn but excel at something new.

While researchers have debunked the idea that you need 10,000 hours to become an expert at something, there’s still the issue of finding affordable and accessible courses. It’s even better if you can do them from the comfort of your own couch.

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Al Gromer Khan is a German-born sitar player and composer whose music spans the genres of Ambient, New Age, World and Electronica.

He is the author of four novels and has been involved in German National-Radio documentaries on music for more than 25 years.




He is also a visual artist. In 2015 the Indo-German Society awarded Al Gromer Khan the RABINDRANATH TAGORE CULTURAL PRIZE for his lifetime achievement as a musician/performer of sitar and surbahar of the highest order, as well as for his work as a composer, writer and visual artist.

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