States are spiritual graces bestowed

States are spiritual graces bestowed directly by god and is outside of mans power Meaning we don’t create or gain states it is given by the will of the Divine alone, it comes and goes as The Divine beloved wills.“I was a hidden treasure and I loved to be known, so I created the world …”. This love to be known is not a static goal but a constantly unfolding revelation.Even after the recognition of the Real manifesting in all images, signs are indications which specifically “increase knowledge and open the eye of understanding”.As for the saints, they have spiritual journeys in the intermediate world during which they directly witness spiritual realities embodied in forms that have become sensible for the imagination; these [sensible images] convey knowledge of the spiritual realities contained within those forms. These spiritual realities are the secrets of our innermost self and the journey also is within our own self. The holy mysteries revealed in these contemplations are in one aspect particular to the one to whom they were revealed, for what is revealed to each person is unique to the way they receive it. As Ibn ‘Arab! says, Each person has a path that no one else but he travels” which comes “to be through the travelling itself.” Join our online Meditation every Saturday @ 2:30pm UK time via zoom.


Beloved Ibn Arabi Translated by William C Chittick

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