All humanity suffers from one type of neurosis and this neurosis comes from stagnant narcissism. Everyone is attached to their illusion of an independent self, so people go crazy.All yearnings, purposes, ideals and goals, all ideologies, religions and systems of improvement, improvement, are lies. Watch out for all this. Recognize the fact that the way you are now, you are a lie, a result of manipulation, produced by others. The pursuit of truth is indeed a distraction and a delay. It’s the formula found by lying to disguise itself. Look at the lie head on, deep examine the falsehood that is your personality. To face the lie is to stop lying. Stop lying is giving up seeking some truth — no need for that. The moment the lie disappears, there lies the truth in all its beauty and splendor. Facing the lie it disappears, and what stays is the truth.

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