Mansur al-Hallaj: A Life History

Mansur al-Hallaj about the Lowest Stage of Tasawwuf:

He was questioned about Tasawwuf while he was hanged onto the gibbet, so he said to the questioner; “The lowest degree of Tasawwuf is which you are witnessing now.” [He meant to say (and Allah knows better), the lowest level of Tasawwuf is to happily accept the fate decreed by the Almighty and endearingly welcome them as I am doing it despite the extent of extremity in which I am being presecuted, but I am pleased and I still have the same passion (for the Divine) and eruption of love which I had during my peaceful and pleasant times].

_If you give life that would be your grace and if you take [my] life I will go ransomed for you;

_The heart has been attached to you, so whatever you do, it is all your choice.

_ [Taken from: _Mansur Al-Hallaj: A Life History,_ under the section of: Malfudhat (Quotes) of Ibn Mansur, p. 35].

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