Why is it so important to be able to know the future, or at least something of the future?

Because the man who knows the future cannot be bad.

The bad man is bad because he can always pretend that things will not necessarily be so bad as a consequence of his actions.

If a person has a scheme, or a doctrine, or a set of beliefs of any kind, and he does not know anything about the future, he can easily assume and tell himself that ‘it will work out for the benefit of everyone’.

If he knows the future he will be able to tell whether it will harm anyone – or even everyone.

Ignorance of the future makes man bad.

This is why people have tried so hard to penetrate the future: so that they can act correctly, not just as they imagine might be correct.

This is why so many good people and saints in so many cultures are credited with this power of prescience. They can see what is going to happen. That is why they do not do destructive things. That is why they can do things which are likely to be good.

Knowledge of the future makes man good.

Idealists, who hope for the best and try to act for the good, must admit that they do not know what the good of all really is. ‘The road to Hell is paved with good intentions’. But such people are not really idealists.

Real idealists are those who are not only prepared to do good, but are prepared to fit themselves for doing good. The most important step in this direction is to develop the capacity for prescience. 

Knowing How to Know
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