Unraveling the Potential of the Unconscious Mind

People can learn to use the non-conscious content in their brains to make profitable decisions. Findings suggest a novel form of non-conscious metacognition.

Source: ATR Brain Information Communications Research Laboratory Group

We are conscious beings, yet most of the activity in our brains remains nonconscious. Can we harness this hidden pool of information? Notably, one important challenge is the astronomical vastness and complexity of such nonconscious information. How can the human brain ‘know’ what aspects of such complex activity may be relevant, given that it is by definition nonconscious and thereby ‘unknown’? There is no magic formula to solve this problem, and research in artificial intelligence suggests that even the best of our current algorithms struggle to handle this vastness of dimensionality in everyday, real-life problems.

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Quantum Physics May Upend Our Macroscopic Reality In The Universe

If a tree falls in the forest and someone is there to hear it, does it make a sound? Perhaps not.

Once again, quantum physics is calling our concept of reality into question.

If you are familiar with quantum physics, you know that on very tiny scales, the Universe is very weird. Particles act like particles and waves at the same time. An electron may be in one location, and then suddenly in another location, without ever passing through a point between those two spots. Or even a single particle can interact with itself.

But on the macroscopic scale, things are more “normal”. At least, we think. But perhaps quantum physics also affects us, as macroscopic observers. And recent research published in Nature Physics says for even macroscopic observers, quantum physics may call our reality into question.

Tenets Of Reality That Are True… Or Are They?

As macroscopic observers, we can say three things about reality.

  1. If you see an event happening, it really happened.
  2. You can make free choices. Particles can make “free choices” too, which are statistically probabilistic.
  3. If something happens, it can’t instantaneously affect something far away. Information can only travel so fast, normally governed by the universal speed limit – the speed of light.

Let’s compare these with reality on a quantum level.

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Alimentos ultraprocessados favorecem envelhecimento biológico

Estudo com mais de 800 pessoas sugere que uma dieta ruim pode fazer com que as células envelheçam de forma mais rápida

Os alimentos industrializados são práticos, mas, segundo pesquisadores, favorecem o envelhecimento biológico se consumidos com frequência.

O estudo, que possibilitou medir um marcador do envelhecimento biológico (o comprimento de componentes genéticos chamados telômeros) em 886 espanhóis de mais de 55 anos, levando em conta o seu consumo diário de alimentos ultraprocessados, sugere que uma dieta ruim pode fazer com que as células envelheçam de forma mais rápida.

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