» Insha Akbar «, » Adonai » and » Ave Maria » in harmony before His Majesty King Mohammed VI and Pope Francis.

This Saturday, March 30th in Rabat, the Morocco Philharmonic Orchestra (OPM) performed a little special arrangement. Representatives of the three monotheistic religions have in choir before King Mohammed VI and Pope Francis.
The Smahi El Hadni, called for Muslim prayer (» Insha Akbar «), accompanied by singer Françoise Atlan, who has the Jewish prayer (» Adonai «) and then joined by singer Caroline Casadesus, daughter of the head of orchestra Jean-Claude Casadesus, who performed the «Ave Maria» of Caccini.
They finished the concert hand in hand.
This work is part of a series of events launched by the Morocco Philharmonic Orchestra called «Religions in harmony».

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