Risa Wechsler: The search for dark matter –and what we’ve found so far

Roughly 85 percent of mass in the universe is «dark matter» — mysterious material that can’t be directly observed but has an immense influence on the cosmos. What exactly is this strange stuff, and what does it have to do with our existence? Astrophysicist Risa Wechsler explores why dark matter may be the key to understanding how the universe formed — and shares how physicists in labs around the world are coming up with creative ways to study it.

Risa Wechsler · Astrophysicist, cosmologist

Risa Wechsler uses computer simulations of the entire universe to explore questions about our existence on the largest scales.

Editor’s note: This talk was recorded at a TED-curated event in partnership with The Kavli Foundation, the Simons Foundation and the National Academy of Sciences.

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