How do you hurt a psychopath? How do you identify weaknesses/vulnerabilities of a psychopath and use it to hurt them?






The only real way to “hurt” a psychopath is to completely refuse to play the game they entice you with. Psychopaths ego’s are based on the fact that they “think” they are more intelligent than you and that all non psychopaths are vulnerable and easily manipulated.

You see they have this delusion that they are “better” than everyone and they are constantly working to keep this delusion in place therefore the constant manipulation. Being that they are incapable of empathetic emotions they are absolutely incapable of any real creativity other than chaos.

Once you recognize a psychopath for who they are (and don’t believe their manipulations that psychopaths who want to stay undetected cannot be discovered by “mere” non psychopaths that’s apart of the delusion they create) just don’t react . If you can train yourself to become the calm in any storm than you are hurting a psychopath somewhere someway as most chaos you encounter in your life is created by a psychopath. They live off of control of chaos they create. The only way to effectively hurt a psychopath is to be completely calm and content with anything that ever happens to you.

To me psychopaths in the human race are the result of de-evolution. Compassion, empathy, and love are all things that separate humans from animals. That’s what makes us powerful and unique. So in essence psychopaths are just insects on a spectrum. The ability to feel the powerful emotions they lack makes non psychopaths more powerful than psychopaths could ever be.

You see we can have lasting impacts on people that they can NEVER have. We can have people who truly love and accept us for who we are and they can never have that to the degree we do because they are never their real selves in front of anyone.

The reality is we like psychopaths as much as we like sharks. They are interesting and intriguing but we don’t trust them and wouldn’t want to be around them without protection. They create chaos and destroy lives because we have something they can NEVER have and thats what completes the cycle. That’s the whole point.

They LACK the ability to feel what we do so just existing as a non psychopath hurts them. Psychopaths thrive on their ego’s and being “better” than everyone else, but think about it how much better can they be if they are INCAPABLE of having the life experiences we enjoy through empathy and compassion. They can hurt us, manipulate us, try to destroy us, have more money or things than us but emotionally they’ll always be less than us. Their existence will always lack real joy as joy is an empathetic emotion.

Machines have intelligence, animals have intelligence, but humans are powerful because of love and psychopaths will never be able to hold the power of love. They can’t just be themselves because they create masks and personalities for different situations or people they encounter. The core of who they are is so intrinsically opposite of what makes humans unique so they hide behind masks in order to manipulate. They have to be intelligent or they wouldn’t last.

I don’t even consider psychopaths as real humans as they can replicate or mimic our feelings and emotions but they can’t actually experience them. The only power they have is through power WE give them by falling victim to their manipulations and machinations and reacting to the chaos they purposefully create.

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