The pediatrician recommends weaning because breast milk has lost its effectiveness. The dentist to prevent the baby from having cavities. The Mother-in-law so he doesn’t get The educator recommends weaning for baby to adapt faster at school. The psychologist for the child not to be infantilizada The Co-worker at the end of maternity leave is easier for mom. The nutritionist recommends weaning for the baby to eat better. The Professional of any medical specialty to be able to write a treatment for mother The husband so that the wife no longer complain of fatigue. Sleep consultant recommends weaning so the baby sleeps all night. Fonoaudióloga for child to start talking at once. The neighbor because she thinks it’s ugly big baby

Do you know what these recommendations have in common? They all need solid scientific evidence to justify them. They are nothing but a personal or professional opinion supported on questionable arguments and of dubious intention. They are just a sample of ignorance and prejudice around breastfeeding. These are some of the obstacles we will need to face to make it For Society in general it is much more comfortable to play the guilt of breast fatigue on the demand of the baby than to provide the necessary support and support so that this mother can fulfill the arduous and challenging task of creating a healthy human being in all aspects

As long as our culture continues to view breastfeeding as the root of all mother evils and weaning as the ideal solution of all its problems, we will continue as a species, moving away from our essence, creating fragile and fragile bonds with our offspring .

In any case, the weaning decision is the mother and the baby, exclusively, and not the doctor or society. So let’s stop selling illusion to breastfeeding mothers, since breastfeeding is rarely the real problem and weaning is no guarantee of anything. Mothers Need effective support, not guesses. Be Tribe and don’t stumble

Text: Gabrielle Costa de Gimenez @gabicbs


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