His lips are sealed…

It is said that once anyone arrives at the knowledge of the Highest Truth, his lips are sealed against repeating it. All he can do is to try to provoke, without saying why, the experiences in others which he has himself had, so that the teaching may continue by this means. Often he must do this anonymously, or at least without letting others know that he knows what is to befall them. This is encapsulated in this allegory.

There was once a learned physician who only had to close his eyes for the remedy for the illness of any patient to be shown to him in a picture. One day a man came to him and described his symptoms, and the doctor closed his eyes. He saw a picture of the patient eating something noxious, and he realised that he could not possibly prescribe such a medicament, so he merely said: “I am sorry to have to say to you that you are incurable -go on your way.”

Not long afterwards this sufferer lay down to rest by a roadside, and fell asleep. His mouth fell open, and a poisonous beetle crawled into it. The man woke with a start and tried to spit out the insect, but it stung him before he could eject it. For a time he felt terribly ill, but after some hours he realised that he was cured.

And, in spite of the wise man having tried to protect himself by not speaking of poison, he still became the subject of some ridicule when the story was told. The former sufferer lost no opportunity of telling everyone that he had been cured by a stinging beetle, when the most famous doctor of the day had been unable to do anything for him…

A Veiled Gazelle

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