The Water Shortage

There was a serious water shortage in the Midlands. Due to lack of rain, the lakes which supplied a certain city’s reservoirs were low.

The Council advertised for a water-diviner.
Nasrudin, who was working in a nearby factory, volunteered to help.
He stipulated that he would have to work at his water-producing on Monday.
When the day came, instead of taking a divining-rod, Mulla Nasrudin, surrounded by a crowd of curious spectators, took off his shirt, called for a tub and some water, and started to wash the shirt.
Every now and then he looked at the sky.
Someone protested:
‘What has washing your shirt got to do with finding water for the city?’
‘Patience,’ said Nasrudin, ‘for it is not the washing that does it. Every fool knows that it is just when you hang the clothes out to dry that the rain comes pelting down.’

The Subtleties of the Inimitable Mulla Nasrudin

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Las sutilezas del inimitable Mulá Nasrudín

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