A Body Approach to Helping Clients Repair Attachment and Heal from Trauma







Feeling safe can be a daily challenge for our traumatized clients.

They might feel anxious and upset without knowing why. What’s worse, they often become afraid to rely on their instincts.

That’s because trauma disrupts a person’s innate intelligence.

But by working with the body, we can help them find it again.

Pat Ogden, PhD is a master when it comes to “reading the body” in the treatment of trauma.

In this short course, she’ll explain how she works with movement, posture, and attachment patterns to help patients heal.

How to Work with Trauma That’s
Trapped in the Body

Pat Ogden, PhD

  • How to Manage the Arousal and Integration Problems Caused by Trauma
  • How to Help Your Clients Safely Expand Their Window of Tolerance
  • One Way to Use Movement to Treat the Immobilization Response
  • How to Use Polyvagal Theory to Help a Client Feel Safe
  • How Attachment Patterns Influence the Body
  • How to Apply Polyvagal Theory to Help Regulate Arousal
  • One Approach to Working with Insecure Attachment
  • How Trauma Is a Failure of Integration
  • Why Working in the Present Can Be More Useful Than Retelling the Trauma “Story”

Link Original: https://www.nicabm.com/ogden-trauma/a2-fb-info/

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