ScienceAlert Deal: Here’s How to Master AI And Machine Learning






We’re living the middle of a golden data age where our best and brightest are leveraging Artificial Intelligence technologies to create self-driving cars, facial recognition tools, and smart assistants that straddle the line between science and science fiction.

The options are limitless.

Now, these breakthroughs are only the beginning, which is why it pays to understand how they work now, so you can help pioneer the next wave of AI innovations.

The Pay What You Want: AI & Deep Learning Bundle can kickstart your deep dive into this field, and it’s available for a price you pick.

Here’s how the deal works: Simply pay what you want, and you’ll instantly unlock one of the collection’s e-learning resources. Beat the average price paid, and you’ll get the remaining nine at no extra charge.

Plus, if you beat the leader price, you’ll get entered into a major giveaway and get your name featured on the leaderboard.

This collection boasts seven e-books and 10 hours of training in the fields of AI and Deep Learning. Read on below for what’s included:

  • Artificial Intelligence with Python
  • Getting Started with Java Deep Learning
  • Java Deep Learning Essentials
  • Deep Learning with TensorFlow eBook
  • Deep Learning with TensorFlow
  • Deep Learning with R
  • Deep Learning with Python
  • Python Deep Learning
  • Deep Learning with Keras
  • Deep Learning with Hadoop

Regardless of your experience level, each resource is designed to familiarize you with this field and its leading tools.

From using Hadoop to deploy large-scale datasets in deep neural networks to creating AI applications with Python, you’ll foster core skills and explore real-world scenarios to enrich your understanding of AI technology and the direction it’s heading.

The Pay What You Want: AI & Deep Learning Bundle features nearly $700 worth of training resources, but you can access them all and kickstart your AI education for a price you choose.

This is a promotional ScienceAlert Academy post, in partnership with StackCommerce. We carefully vet all courses and products to make sure they’re relevant to our readers, and make a share in the profits of any sales.

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