Stress and the Brain – Your Amazing Brain!






Stress is the number one problem of the modern time. We harp on it on our daily speech. It is the reason of many illnesses from cancer to infertility. Simply it is the reason of many negative things.

Stress is an alarm of our body. When we are stressed, our body produces adrenalin, noradrenalin, and cortisol. Adrenalin makes our heart beat faster and cortisol gives the glucose to our blood because we need maximum amount of energy. So, simply stress is a phycological reaction of our body to fight the problem. When we keep away from stressful things, our body gets back to its normal condition.

Our problem starts here. We never keep away from stressful things. That’s why stress, which is good in short-term, harms our body in long term.

The exams that you will take, your homework, your work, illnesses… They are all the sources of stress. They activate our alarm all the time.

Stress and our brain







Stress damages many systems in our body, especially our immune system. And in long term, it damages our brain. Chronic stress leads to anxiety. Besides, as the cortisol levels increases, the dialog between our brain and hippocampus, which is responsible of learning and storing, decreases.








Prefrontal cortex is the center of decisionmaking. It is responsible of sensetation, concentration and communication. Cortisol destroys the bonds here and makes this part of the brain smaller.

As a summary, stress destroys the parts of our brain which are responsible of learning and making decision.

What should we do?







Doing exercise, meditation, spending time in nature and eating healthy have many effects on reducing stress.

You can also find your own way to fight it!

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