Find Your Perfect HIIT Routine With These Top Workout Videos

Want to try out a HIIT workout? Take your pick from our favorite videos.

The best HIIT workout videos

High-intensity interval training, or HIIT, is a fast-paced, high-energy workout trend that’s certainly here to stay. And considering how effective it can be, we’d say that’s a good thing.

HIIT workouts follow a pattern of full-out exercise followed by minimal recovery time, and the formula has proved to result in major body benefits. Besides burning serious calories in the process, you actually continue to burn extra calories for up to 24 hours after you’ve completed a HIIT workout, as the routine helps speed up your metabolism.

This type of workout targets more than just weight loss, though, as the quick rise in heart rate can also help boost your cardiovascular health. The fast pace and active nature of the moves strengthen the heart and may improve blood flow throughout the body.

Yet another great benefit of HIIT training? You can cut down on time spent at the gym and still get a full-body workout–or abandon the gym entirely and perform a sans-equipment HIIT workout just about anywhere. To prove how easy it is to incorporate HIIT into your workout routine, we’ve rounded up our favorite expert-led HIIT videos, so you can follow along and feel the burn fast.

HIIT workout for a super-toned core

Time: 35 minutes

What happens when you mix plyometric exercises with your favorite core-targeting moves? The abs of your dreams! Burn Boot Camp founders Morgan and Devan Kline created this routine to challenge your stamina and tighten your core. The secret lies in the balance of endurance-building jump training mixed with classic exercises that engage those abs.

Tabata-style HIIT workout for tight spaces

Time: 10 minutes

Looking to break a sweat in little time? This workout is a great option for anytime and anywhere–designed for small spaces like an apartment or dorm, we guarantee you’ve got enough room to give it a try. Fitness expert and Nike trainer Lauren Williams leads this five-move tabata-style workout that gives you just 10 seconds of rest following each 50-second round of exercise.

Calorie-torching HIIT workout

Time: 20 minutes

Can you handle 20 minutes of this intense fat-burning routine? The quick workout from Dara Theodore of the New York City fitness studio the Fhitting Room and Aly Teich of the Sweat Life will leave you breathless–in the best way. Whether you pick your favorite moves and focus on those or tough it out for the whole workout, you’ll reap the good-for-you benefits.

HIIT workout for yoga fans

Time: 20 minutes

For those of you wanting to try a HIIT workout but hesitant to give up precious yoga time, expert yoga instructor Lauren Taus has the perfect solution! This routine combines the best of the two styles–high-energy HIIT and peaceful, practical yoga–and the result is a fun routine with incredible physical payoffs.

Ab-transforming HIIT workout

Time: 8 minutes

Fitness expert Emily Skye knows the benefits of a strong core are endless, which is why she created this simple yet effective HIIT routine to get your heart pumping and engage your abs. This video includes five key exercises that guarantee a killer workout and a toned core in no time.

Fat-burning HIIT workout for wedding season

Time: 10 minutes

Whether or not it’s actually wedding season, think of this routine as your go-to prep work for any major event you’d like to look and feel your best for. Fitness expert and Nike trainer Lauren Williams crafted this workout using the 11 best moves to burn and strengthen all at once, from plank roll-downs to lunge jumps.

Full-body toning HIIT workout

Time: 6 minutes

Ever wonder what Instagram fitness star and author of the Fit Body Guides Anna Victoria uses as her go-to workout? This routine breaks down her top moves for on-the-go fitness, divided into three different circuits to target the lower body, upper body, and core. Tackle all three for a high-intensity gym session with little time commitment.

Hotel-friendly HIIT workout

Time: 5 minutes

If you’re trying to get fit on the go, this five-move travel workout is the perfect quick routine to try in your hotel room. Fitness expert and Nike trainer Lauren Williams leads this calorie-torching workout that will also release stress-reducing chemicals, perfect for calming anxiety about your big trip or long flight.

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