It is, with the difference that we are ALL the élite



How do you view members of political parties, then, who campaign for certain principles?

Just the same way as I view any other human being. They are no different because they are members of political movements. This is what people do not understand, and it does not take a Sufi to tell them: people are people. People think that they can campaign for or against something in their capacity as “ordinary folk”. It is just because they are such “ordinary folk” that they fall into the hands of politicians who divert everything to different ends. If the “ordinary folk” would make themselves worthwhile, then they would be able to guide affairs, not just form the cannon-fodder. But this is not easy. It is easier to work on the primitive level, to arrange a mass rally and demonstrate than to improve oneself.

The question of the quality of the individual?

Yes. You see, if I take a bag of rotten apples and say that these apples must have justice, that is one thing. If I say that they are entitled, because they are apples, merely because they were created as apples, to be made into a delicious apple sauce, I am out of harmony with reality.

But is this not a doctrine of the élite?

It is, with the difference that we are ALL the élite, if we only knew it. The illiterate, one-eyed weakling is worth just as much as the towering, well-developed ideal man of externals. They are both entitled to what they deserve. And what they deserve is a matter of their inner regeneration. You see, people demand so much. They do not contribute enough. They think of what they want, not what they must give. They do not know that in giving there is self-development and progress.

Is this not a religious doctrine?

It is a religious doctrine, but in religion it is only passed on in partial form.

Among the dervishes


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