Meditation helps to improve a person’s overall health






Meditation can help lower stress and alleviate anxiety. A local studio is helping people learn the practice and reap the benefits.The idea is to focus on your breath, quiet your mind, and set a positive intention.

Jason Blau created the new Sit Meditation Space in Lafayette Hill.He spent 15 years in medical device sales.

“Very high paced, very high pressure and a lot of stress,” Blau said.

But when he got his MBA and became a dad, he wanted to make a change. He found meditation.

“For me it felt like coming home. It felt natural. It smelled right, it felt right, it just made me feel really calm and peaceful,” Blau said.

Now he’s hoping to bring the power of the practice to more people.

The studio offers 30 to 45 minute guided meditations. Teaching you techniques you can do on your own or together as a community.

He says meditation has a cumulative effect, “Bringing in the light, the positivity,” added Blau.Meaning the more you do, the better you’ll feel.

“We say meditation is actually an antidote to stress,” Blau said.

Studies show it can also help lower blood pressure, boost immunity and help improve sleep.

Anthony Penzarella of Coatesville, Pa. meditates on his own, but also drops in for classes.

“It’s the vibe, it’s the vibe. It’s that collective intention for peace and stillness that really gets me,” he said.

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