Make mindfulness your permanent state of mind


Make mindfulness your permanent state of mind

Es muy precioso el intento de traer a Occidente y más a la medicina este tipo de meditación … pero el occidental tiene una limitación simple… de hecho una limitación que se basa en el desconocimiento de otros aspectos del uso de “mindfulnees”.. el final del texto habla de que el cuerpo es nuestro anclaje al presente … pero el cuerpo y la respiración es solo la puerta de entrada para la real Presencia , el Eterno Ser Esencial que uno quiere Percibir y Sentir quiere atestiguar en nuestra existencia y que es presente y es la Presencia Conciente que atestigua su Propio Presente Esencial .. ” es el Ser que se percibe a Si Mismo” … el efecto secundario del trabajo es La Paz pero es solo el medio del camino la meta es el conociendo directo de la Esencia desde la Conciencia que en si es uno de los Poderes de la misma esencia , el Dios Inmanente que somos …. quedarse en La Paz es quedarse a la mitad del camino …. es solo el estado de Yo Tranquilo como dice la gente su-fi… el desarrollo de la Conciencia va más 3 Maqamat arriba … Yo Satisfecho, Yo que Satisface, Yo Completo …
Un gran maestro dice: “termina tu viaje amigo , quieres vivir en los establos?”

Denial — even immunity — to getting older is a pure urge. However, what if it was embraced by us rather than pushing it off?


Pushing away aging makes great sense; why not remain healthy and healthy as long as you can? In doing this, the problem is a glitch in our design that shows the challenge of becoming human. Finally, kisses and knees give out, gender drive weaken and eyes, the head that is wide and the buttocks exchange areas. We look in the mirror, half hoping to see our 20-year old selves looking back at us, and detect a place here, a sag there, lines anywhere. 1 moment we’re currently trying and the moment, in addition to our game we are awaiting a number of procedures to help keep us. And when we do manage to slow down the effects of aging, mortality is right around the corner.


The individual experience of aging is interwoven with vulnerability. And what if it is OK to be exposed? Imagine if link and intellect, freshness and depth all come in the understanding of impermanence? You do not need to feign aging’s senses agreeable, or are comfy, or desired. However, what you could do is as it bubbles up, be current.(*******).

And just perhaps, if we could discover a way to remain current we are amazed to find that being older than we were yesterday is a part of being alive. The discoveries which have each breath, appreciate the changes of lifestyle.


“Mindfulness practice means that we perpetrate fully in every moment to be current; encouraging ourselves to port with this instant in complete consciousness, together with the aim to embody as best we can a orientation of calmness, calmness and equanimity right here and right now.” — Jon Kabat-Zinn


The brand new Calcagnini Center for Mindfulness in Jupiter Medical Center is a gorgeous, soothing area overlooking the Jacqueline Fiske Healing Garden made to educate individuals to be more mindful and also to deal with the tension of daily life.(*******).

The continuing practice of mindfulness helps by lowering anxiety levels which are frequently a contributing aspect to “dis-ease.” Additionally, people who exercise this discipline can attain an improved feeling of balance in their own lives and a greater interest in studying the “how” of taking great care of these, improving their ability to concentrate on overall wellbeing.


Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) courses would be the basis of the services supplied by the Calcagnini Center, along with other solutions such as meditation sessions, workshops, wellness coaching, and other anti inflammatory medicine practices like Yoga, Tai Ji Quan and massage, to mention a couple.(*******).

To enroll for the MBSR program, see or to find out more about our solutions, telephone 561-660-1828.
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