Learn How to Manipulate Big Data With The Data Science Certification Training Bundle

These days a company might have petabytes of data coming in daily.

To actually use any of that information, data scientists have become more and more vital to companies – to analyse and interpret the huge amounts of data and turn it all into something structured and useful.

That’s why our ScienceAlert Academy deal this week is the Complete Data Science Certification Training Bundle.



With over 85 hours of instruction, you’ll learn how to use the R programming language, understand how data mining works, plus more statistical concepts like linear and logistic regression, cluster analysis, and forecasting.

You’ll also be taught how to use Hadoop, Python, and Tableau – some of the most important tools for today’s data scientist – all for US$49.

Find out more here.

Price: US$49

Length: 85 hours

Link original: http://www.sciencealert.com/learn-how-to-manipulate-big-data-with-the-data-science-certification-training-bundle


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