Invisible Service


AJNABI USED to give away books, saying:
‘I have finished with this, perhaps you would like it.’
He also gave food to people, saying:
‘I am not hungry — would you like to eat?’
His companion Husseini once said to him:
‘You never allow people to perceive what you are doing for them. They think that they are getting something which is of no use to you. Therefore they do not prize it.’
Ajnabi said:
‘I do not expect them to prize it. In fact, I do not want them to prize it. I want them to benefit, not to adulate.’
Husseini records:
‘Ajnabi gave his teachings in the same way, too. Nobody ever knew what they were learning, because he made them possessors of learning in a manner which prevented them from prizing learning. They generally thought that they were taking part in some completely irrelevant activity.
‘Ajnabi used to say: “That portion of learning which people prize is precisely that part which is not doing them any good: like a sweetmeat which is admired but not eaten.” ‘

The Dermis Probe

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Invisible Service


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