Man Levitates. MUST SEE!!!!

When asked about flying through the air ikhtirā al-hawā , Abū Yazīd answered: ‘The bird passes through the air. However, the believer is better than the bird in God’s eyes. So how can this act which is common to the bird and the human being be considered a miracle ’Dividing the saints’ miracles into two kinds, physical literally: sensuous ḥissī and abstract maʿnawī , Ibn al-ʿArabī regards flying as a physical miracle. The common people know only of this type of miracle, while the elite know of the abstract kind, which includes the carrying of precepts to perfection.On the basis of Abū Yazīd’s saying, Ibn al-ʿArabī considers knowledge of God and the world to come to be the most exalted gift that God can bestow upon humans and thus the greatest miracle. Thus, the Shaykh emphasizes that the true saint is one who is pious and has divine knowledge. Physical miracles, in which deception may be involved, do not play a role in characterizing this category of saints.


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