Shocking news: The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a warning that millions of pounds of rat meat is sold as “boneless chicken wings” in restaurants and supermarkets across the United States.

According to recent reports, concern for public safety has been raised by the FDA, after several illegal containers were seized property by customs officials at the port of San Francisco which contained rat meat intended to be sent to different meat processing factories throughout the United States and resold like chicken.

As revealed by the FDA spokeswoman, Jenny Brookside, consumers are unable to tell the difference:
“Unfortunately, it is too late because the product has already been sold in the market. It is up to consumers to try to identify the quality and origin of the meat is packaged, but there is no way to determine 100% if the meat is chicken or rat.”

“If you find that your chicken wings have a slightly different flavor than usual, it is a good bet that could be counterfeited meats, but this can easily be hidden by using different ingredients and spices,” it should be taken as a warning.

The FDA is making great efforts to eliminate rat meat that is sold as boneless chicken wings in the market, but the FDA is still issuing warnings after it is estimated that about 1, 000, 000 pounds of rat meat is circulating in the market.

Every consumer should know this interesting, however, disturbing information. A 2014 study by the FDA reported that 36 million pounds of illegal meat is sold in the US each year.

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