🐠 how fish oil can help you lose weight by «browning» your fat


Fish oil fatty acid EPA helps reduce superficial fat by turning white fat cells «beige».

Fish oil is already well-researched for it’s action against fat accumulation, with EPA and DHA, the two main omega-3 fatty acids contained in fish oil, being responsible for this anti-obesity effect.

Now a new study has shown that the omega-3 fatty acid EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) helps control adiposity by turning «white fat» into «beige fat», a process which is aptly named «adipocyte browning» by biologists.

Browning the fat helps turn it from a fat accumulation tissue into fat burning tissue that breaks down fat for heat production, a process called thermogenesis.


EPA was found to be a fat browning and thermorgenic nutrient, that also inhibits fat accumulation and boosts fat oxidation in the fat cells themselves. EPA achieves this by increasing the number of mitochondria in fat cells, the cell power plants, a process which also makes fat cells appear brown, instead of the normal white colour endowed to them by fat droplets inside them.

The scientists conclude the study by stating that their «results suggest that EPA induces a remodeling of adipocyte metabolism preventing fat storage and promoting fatty acid oxidation, mitochondrial biogenesis and beige-like markers in human subcutaneous adipocytes from overweight subjects».

Consuming oily fish (sardines, salt-free anchovies, herrings, mackerel, salmon, halibut) three days a week is already known to help maintain/reduce weight. However, to consume the same amount of EPA with fish oil, high-dose fish oil capsules must be used, though (1000+ mg/capsule)

Link original: http://www.lipotherapeia.com/the-peach-factor-blog/fish-oil-fatty-acid-epa-helps-reduce-superficial-fat-by-turning-fat-cells-beige

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