Atlanta Teenager Wakes Up From Coma Speaking Fluent Spanish

Como el cerebro aprenderá ?


Atlanta Teenager Wakes Up From Coma Speaking Fluent Spanish

An Atlanta teenager fell into a coma after being kicked in the head during a soccer game. When he woke up, he was fluent in a different language.

Although it may sound egocentric, the human mind may be the most fascinating structure on planet earth. It seems as though there’s a daily occurrence that causes one to ponder the world around them and the way their brain functions.

A development in Atlanta has transformed that discussion into a field that few could’ve expected it to travel to.

Reuben Nsemoh is a 16-year-old high school sophomore from Atlanta, Georgia. He recently fell into a coma after being kicked in the head and suffering a concussion during a soccer game.

According to Doug Criss of, Nsemoh awoke from his coma speaking perfect Spanish—a language that he wasn’t previously fluent in.

His parents said he could already speak some Spanish, but he was never fluent in it until his concussion.

Slowly, his English is coming back, and he’s starting to lose his Spanish fluency.

That ranks amongst the most incredible stories you’ll read all year.

Nsemoh already knowing Spanish could explain some of this, but it hardly answers the question of how he became fluent. Despite the presence of a scientific and medial explanation, it’s hard not to describe this turn of events as miraculous.

Per Criss’ report on, Dr. Karen Croot explained the fascinating phenomenon.

“It’s an impairment of motor control,” Dr. Karen Croot, one of the few experts in foreign accent syndrome, told CNN a few years ago. “Speech is one of the most complicated things we do, and there are a lot of brain centers involved in coordinating a lot of moving parts. If one or more of them are damaged, that can affect the timing, melody and tension of their speech.”

The human brain is as fascinating as it is complex and unpredictable.

There is a belief that humans have more access to their brain during their formative years. It’s as they grow older that their memories—and, in some cases, knowledge—begin to drift away as they focus more on specific areas of their life.

This may or may not fall in line with that theory, but it certainly creates reason for conversation.

Learning a new language can take years, yet Nsemoh did so while he wasn’t even conscious. That’s an uncommon development, to say the least, as Nsemoh came back speaking with more than just a different accent; he knew the language fluently.

Awake again, his fluency as a Spanish speaker is beginning to drift away.


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