A bold and intrepid researcher has said that he has found magnetic signs of ESP in human beings. His finding needs to be further corroborated before anyone can say for sure that this is true.

Birds can communicate through mysterious powers. So can bees. Yet the essential question is whether human beings are able to do such a thing. A scientist named Joe Kirschvink has made it his lifelong mission to find out the exact answer to that question.

He has already been busy showing how animals communicate through magnetoreception. This is the way they gauge the Earth’s magnetism.

Joe is currently at Caltech and he is testing human beings in order to determine whether they too possess any vestigial remains of this sixth sense. While he is adamant that they do, he also has to somehow prove it before science and scientists can allow him to enter the scientific Hall of Fame.

Joe at one point takes out his iPhone and waves it over his research subject. The magnetometer application ensures that the subject does not cheat in any way.

At Caltech, there are underground chambers with magnetically shielded walls. A liquid helium pump cools a superconductor all the better to measure magnetic fields in birds and meteorites, according to Sciencemag.

Joe has also examined human brain samples in an attempt to get to the magnetic reaction present inside them. Using a syringe, Joe injects electrolyte gel into the skull of the subject.

An EEG measures the brain waves of the subject. For most of the previous century, magnetoreception was on as much shaky ground as say telepathy or dowsing. Yet today we know better. Many animals can sense the magnetic rays of the earth.

The animals that use magnetoreception are often of the migratory kind. They seem to have an intrinsic compass for navigation. It runs on magnetoreception alone.

Even mammals respond to this sixth sense of sorts. Tests show that changing the magnetic fields surrounding an animal disorients it. It also changes its behavior.

The gist of the matter is the brain which responds to these magnetic fields. Finding out more about magnetoreception in human beings is like searching for a needle in a haystack.

Scientists have come up with two theories regarding this phenomenon in human beings. One is regarding cryptochromes. The other one is about an internal magnetic compass.

Do human beings have a magnetic sixth sense? Joe is going out on a limb with this one. He may come upon solid evidence sometime in the future. For now, it is all speculation though.

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