Dietary prebiotics improve sleep, buffer stress


But rats on the prebiotic diet were buffered from these impacts, maintaining a healthy and diverse gut microbiota and normal temperature fluctuations even after stress exposure.In recent years, reams of research papers have shed light on the health benefits of probiotics, the “good bacteria” found in fermented foods and dietary supplements. Now a first-of-its kind study by University of Colorado Boulder scientists suggests that lesser-known gut-health promoters known as prebiotics – which serve as food for good bacteria inside the gut – can also have an impact, improving sleep and buffering the physiological impacts of stress.


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Could learning the Iceman’s mind tricks make us all immune to arthritis? The ‘human miracles’ whose bodies remain a mystery to doctors


A man who swims naked in Arctic seas, a girl born with her heart on the outside of her chest, a boy with unbreakable bones.

Wim Hof (pictured), from Sittard in the Netherlands, claims his ability to withstand freezing conditions without developing so much as a sniffle is down to ‘meditation and breathing techniques’

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